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Winter/Spring 2023 session

March 27 - April 20, 2023

Mondays and Wednesdays:

  • 7 PM - 8:30 PM - Advanced - 30 minutes of technique and 1 hour of choreography (Solea)

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • 7 PM - 8:30 PM - Intermediate I and II - 30 minutes of technique and 1 hour of choreography (Tangos)


Drop-ins are welcome, but the class will be tailored to those, who attend regularly. 

Private and semi-private classes available upon request


 9204 Daleview Court, Silver Spring, MD 20901


Entrance is through the back of the house (take the garden path on the left of the house).


Public transportation - 10 min walk from the UNIVERSITY BLVD E & E WAYNE AVE bus stop.

  • Ride-On Bus 14 from the Silver Spring Metro

  • C4 bus from Wheaton Station, PG Plaza Station, or Twinbrook Metro Station.

  • C2 bus from Wheaton or Greenbelt stations.



  • Full six week session One Level (8 classes) $240 ($30 per class)

  • Full six week session Both Levels (16 classes) $400 ($25 per class)

  • Drop-in rate is $35

Refunds for missed classes will only be issued for legitimate medical reasons with a doctor’s note.

COVID and other seasonal viruses precautions:

  • Proof of COVID vaccination and recent boosters is required to attend. 

  • If you are not vaccinated, you must present a proof of negative COVID test each time you come to class.  

  • If you have cold symptoms and still want to attend the class, you will be required to do a rapid COVID test and wear a mask, while indoors.  


Level Description

Intermediate I (new level!)

  • Aimed at students who have studied flamenco for at least a year or two, know basic palos, understand 12 beat compás,

  • Focus is on building strength in the footwork and upper body, understanding and practicing the connection with the music. 

Intermediate II:

  • For those who have studied flamenco for at least three or four years or at least one year with Mr. Aparicio. 

  • Faster pace, learning more advanced footwork and choreography.

Intermediate Technique:

  • Aimed at both Intermediate I and Intermediate II levels. 

  • Strong focus on building footwork strength and footwork/upper body coordination.  Focus on footwork and upper body routines rather than on choreography.


  • This level is for students with 6+ years of flamenco experience, who have very strong footwork and great control of the upper body.  It's common to have professionals join this class from time to time to help them maintain their form and exercise their brains a bit. 



The Washington School of Ballet offers comprehensive training in both classical ballet and contemporary dance for serious students seeking a rigorous curriculum. Auditions are required.

Edwin Aparicio imparts flamenco classes to the TWSB Summer Dance Program students of various levels.

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